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Endless Paving

RRL Reviewer

There are twists that you expect, but the real ones are hiding behind the background. Avoid spoilers, assume nothing.



The story is enthralling with a great many twists and turns in the plot and makes you think hard. 


RRL Reader

The fact that the characters have something to lose makes for a much more engaging read. 

About the author

K.T. Hanna

Discover the class you were born to play.


Wren, a seasoned healer, is dismayed when Somnia Online automatically assigns her character, Murmur, to the Enchanter class. Determined to overcome the unexpected setback, she assembles her guild, intent on the coveted #1 spot. Twelve keys stand between her and victory, but finding them is only part of the puzzle.


Armed with telepathic abilities, Murmur rises to the challenge. However, old rivals have followed her to Somnia Online desperate for revenge. Intricate quest lines become more dangerous as NPCs absorb powerful artifacts, and Murmur begins to wonder just what sort of AI controls the world. 


Murmur questions her sanity as the real and virtual worlds mesh together. Everyone is keeping secrets from her, even the AI, and Murmur’s determined to uncover them.